High Quality HVAC Services in Doral Florida

Doral Location BannerDoral is synonymous with its world-famous golf course. While that adds beauty to a vibrant community, it also means that allergy sufferers may experience year-round issues from the constant presence of pollen in the air. At Eco Pro Air, an AC company with 18 years’ experience in finding clean air solutions, we focus on creating the healthiest indoor air for your family. That means we perform A/C installations in Doral with new energy-efficient clean air equipment, air conditioning repair and HVAC maintenance to make sure your air conditioning service works to its highest capabilities.

Air Duct Cleaning & Air Safety

The first step in preventing allergies is often to clean the existing ductwork during a regular air conditioning service call. If your AC is leaking, repair is necessary to keep the system circulating clean air. Since Doral’s climate tends to be humid, it’s important for those with allergies to focus on microbial growth prevention. Our service removes dangerous mold from the air ducts to maintain healthy indoor air.

Another common health hazard in the home is the dryer. We perform dryer vent cleaning to reduce dust and lint from becoming airborne and to decrease the risk of dangerous fires.

Other Doral HVAC Services

Our air conditioner and heating repair specialists are experts at maintaining your current home AC service. We provide AC repair to systems that may be older, yet still have some life in them. We pride ourselves on performing air condition repair whenever possible to save you money. But we also can provide advice on when it might be worth the money to upgrade to a more efficient system with A/C installations.

With our 24/7 AC repair service, qualified air conditioner & heating repair specialists are just a phone call away. Many times we can provide same-day home AC service, which is especially crucial in summer when pollen and mold counts are at their peak. Eco Pro Air is Doral’s leading air conditioning company with cutting-edge equipment. All of our air conditioning service is backed by a 10-year parts guarantee. Call us today for a no-cost quote and we promise to beat any competitor’s written estimate.



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