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Key Biscayne is a water lover’s paradise. Surrounded by Biscayne Bay, the community enjoys the best of Florida’s ocean-side weather year-round. But hot, humid temperatures in the summer and extreme lows in the winter can make living in the community uncomfortable at times if you don’t have the right climate-control system in your home. Energy-efficient HVAC services can make a world of difference. Eco Pro Air, an AC company serving Key Biscayne and the surrounding Miami-Dade communities provides HVAC maintenance and A/C installations to make your home the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the Florida sunshine.

More Than Key Biscayne Home AC Service

Whether you live in an opulent estate in Key Biscayne or a high-rise condominium, our services can be customized to fit your needs. We offer:

  • A/C installations to upgrade to the most energy-efficient eco-friendly system on the market.
  • Air conditioner & heating repair specialists with more than 18 years of experience in serving South Florida’s businesses and homeowners.
  • Air duct cleaning to increase the air quality of your home and remove and prevent allergens from accumulating in the ductwork.
  • Dryer vent cleaning to prevent hazardous fires and make your dryer run more efficiently and cooler.
  • AC Repair & AC Service with a 10-year warranty on all parts.
  • Air conditioning service and air conditioning repair performed by licensed, insured and bonded professionals.
  • Year-round 24/7 AC repair service and if your AC is leaking, repair it.
  • Recommendations to make your home more energy efficient for your pocketbook and the environment.
  • Insulation services to eliminate energy loss.

Why Should You Choose Eco Pro Air?

Your comfort at home is our goal and with our eco-friendly and energy-efficient focus, we are confident that Eco Pro Air is the best Key Biscayne air conditioning company that will provide the quality service you are looking for. In addition to home AC service, for those rare cold spells, we service heating systems. Before the cold spell comes, it’s imperative to service the heater, change the filter and clean the ducts for safe operation.


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